Computer Science

All of the following are example of storage device EXCEPT

(a)Hard disk drives
(c)Cd drive

Computer Science

Which of the statement is correct about optical page replacement?

  1. Page will be replaced which is least recently used
  2. Pages are replaced which arrives first into memory
  3. Pages are modified which are not used for a long time
  4. Pages are replaced which are not used for a long time
Computer Science

Choose of the correct full form of W3C?

  1. World Wide Web Collaboration
  2. World Wide Web Control
  3. Word Wide Websites Consortium
  4. World Wide Web Consortium
Computer Science

An area of memory used to store the information of related in to the pixels in the pictures in a graphic system is known as–?

  1. Frame buffer
  2. Frame memory
  3. Resolution memory
  4. Pixel buffer
Computer Science

The return of address from the interrupt-service routine is stored on which of the following is–?

  1. System Heap
  2. Processor stack
  3. Memory stack
  4. Processor register
Computer Science

What is the main unit personal of a computer?

  1. CPU
  2. Hard Disk
  3. RAM
  4. VGA
Computer Science

A unique set of values permitted each for attribute of relation table in is a known as–?

  1. Domain
  2. Set
  3. Schema
  4. Relation
Computer Science

In which of following the relationship each related entity set has its own schema and there is an additional for the schema relationship set?

A multivalued attribute of an entity set
A many-to-many relationship set
A one-to-many relationship set
A one-to-one relationship set

Computer Science

The hardware parts of computer are —— ?

  1. Firmware components
  2. Physical components
  3. Logical components
  4. All of these
Computer Science

In Excel which key is used for format number in comma format ?

  1. Ctrl+Shift+1
  2. Ctrl+Shift+4
  3. Ctrl+1
  4. Shift+1